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Wellness area

After walking in the Stelvio National Park …
After climbing Gavia with your bike …
After skiing in Alta Valtellina …
The day is not over yet!You can relaxing in our wellness center HTL Nordik.Turkish Bath
Our turkish bath gives you a steam bath with beneficial effects. For exemple you can cleansing and relaxing your body and your mind.
Thanks to the healthy combination of humidity and heat, relax your body and the muscle tension tends to decrease.The steam enter in the tissues, increasing blood circulation throughout the body, thus creating a healthy process, beneficial and relaxing for the body.
The steam bath is good against: rheumatic pain, muscle pain, metabolic problems, circulatory problems, menstrual pain, bronchitis, allergies and skin impurities. (Capacity 10 people)Sauna
Dry bath 80 ° -110 ° C.
The high temperature has the effect like: sweating, natural mechanism that has the function to regulate body temperature, keeping it as close as possible to 37 ° C.
The increase the temperature has beneficial effects on muscles, which tends to relaxing. Water and toxins are eliminated through the sweating, increasing sebaceous glands?s activity. The dry climate is also indicated for chronic rheumatism and arthritis. (Capacity 10 people)Relaxation Zone
Enjoy a moment of peacefull in relax, tasting a hot tea and resting on wooden beds, in elegant setting with warm colors and sweety melodies that create a relaxing and restfulling atmosphere.

The wellness area is open every afternoon from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm